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Shift your focus towards growth

To compete successfully, online retailers must shift their focus towards growth drivers such as attracting more customers, increasing order value, reducing cart abandonment rates, launching new products and expanding into more markets. But this is impossible to do if their time and resources are spent on manual back office processes like fulfilling orders, updating accounts, managing re-ordering and updating inventory levels.

This is where an automated all-in-one retail back office management system comes in. Brightpearl is the perfect complement to your ecommerce store and is used by hundreds of businesses who sell across multiple brands, stores and countries. Through real-time order download, automatic inventory updates, rules-based order fulfillment and automated shipping and invoicing, your entire order-to-cash process can be streamlined. This is regardless of how many channels you sell on and frees up more time to be spent on sourcing exciting new products and driving demand to your webstore.

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As a curator of new and unique brands and styles, Sportique couples multichannel retail with a true sense of philanthropy.

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Growing your ecommerce business

Within the increasingly competitive ecommerce space, merchants must shift their focus from mundane back office processes to growth activities and new opportunities. But this is only possible if the right tools are in place.

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Ship products faster, efficiently

With customers demanding speed and flexibility in delivery options, it’s essential that you process orders fast and efficiently. Workflow automation routes orders to the relevant warehouse and reduces shipping latency.

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Speed up returns

Returns are a fact of life for most online businesses, the key is to reduce the avoidable returns, caused by mistakes, and process the unavoidable returns as efficiently as possible. Achieve this quickly with Brightpearl’s straightforward and fully trackable returns processing.

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Gain business-wide visibility

Making the best decisions on pricing, reordering, discounting and customer service requires instant visibility across the entire business and an aggregated view of all orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and more in a single system.

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Handle large order volumes

With growth, peak trading periods and flash sales comes increased order volume and more customers, putting strain on systems and processes. Handle all of this without missing a beat and process tens of thousands of orders per hour with Brightpearl’s robust ecommerce integrations.

Automate your back office

Automating the manual, repeat processes in the back office, frees-up staff time to focus on serving customers and growth. Brightpearl automates order fulfillment, invoicing and real-time inventory updates across channels with no coding required.

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Create loyal customers

Selling to existing customers requires less investment than new business so your focus should be on creating loyal customers and communicating with them effectively. Keep them informed at all times with Brightpearl’s automatic shipping notifications and order updates.

Improve efficiency in your ecommerce business with back office automation

Paper & Tea improve their business efficiency with Brightpearl streamlining the back office.

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"The Magento Brightpearl integration is brilliant. Tracking stock levels is really important for us as we sell different quantities across so many different channels - we never want to let customers down by being out of stock - Brightpearl makes sure we don't."

Daniel Rios, Technical & Operations Specialist, Paper & Tea

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Key product features for online retailers

Streamline your ecommerce management with powerful back office automation that speeds up your complete end-to-end order and returns processing.

  • Multichannel inventory and order management
  • Straightforward returns processing
  • Easy to use back office automation
  • Retail accounting

Multichannel inventory and order management

Brightpearl integrates with leading sales channels including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon through our built-in integrations. This means all your orders will be aggregated into one single back office system in real-time, ensuring you have a consistent order workflow, centralized processes and a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Channels are updated with critical information including shipping updates, tracking references and order status updates, ensuring your customers are kept informed every step of the way.

Brightpearl also syncs inventory with all of your sales channels within seconds, ensuring your customers are never disappointed due to incorrect inventory availability, while manual updates are also eliminated.

Straightforward returns processing

Brightpearl tracks every return back to its original sale, ensuring refunds and exchanges are managed correctly.

With Brightpearl’s integrated accounting and inventory management, your asset values are always up-to-date, while inventory is instantly made available for resale. And in the event of an item not being fit for resale, you have the opportunity to specify whether it should be written off, or put into a quarantine location for assessment later on.

Easy to use back office automation

With Brightpearl’s easy to use workflow automation tool, you can automatically fulfill and invoice orders, freeing-up more time to be spent on serving customers, selling more and growing your ecommerce business with efficiency.

Brightpearl’s automation requires no IT resource or coding to set it up or modify rules, ensuring you can start automating your business and order-to-cash workflows in full - right from the start.

Retail accounting

As orders are marked as paid, invoiced and shipped, and as inventory is updated, Brightpearl’s integrated accounting functionality automatically creates journals for you. This instantly populates your income statement, balance sheet and accounts payable and receivable reports.

This ensures you have complete visibility over your business performance, which sales channels are performing best for you, as well as your total asset values in real-time. And as each journal remains linked to the associated order or inventory update, you have access to a valuable audit trail throughout your entire business.

Learn more on our Financial Management product page.

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