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Automate and accurately target your email marketing, create loyal customers and develop a coordinated, customer first approach across the business with Brightpearl’s powerful, integrated CRM software.

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“We use Brightpearl CRM to make sure we never let a customer down. You can see a customer's entire purchase history in one record, and it’s easy to schedule tasks and callbacks so nothing gets missed.”

Gary Murray, Leader Stores

Integrated CRM

Provide top-notch service by having access to your customers’ full interaction history and personalize your marketing communication with product-interest tagging.

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View complete contact timelines

See a complete history of your customers’ interactions with you and your business in a filterable timeline. Perfect for your customer service agents to quickly get to the root of a query.

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Easily manage customer credit

Because Brightpearl handles your accounting as well as your order management, you’ll be able to see what’s outstanding before processing any more sales. With easily managed credit limits and reports showing debtors and creditors, you’ll find keeping your finances in check is a much simpler task.

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See your email correspondence with customers and suppliers

With Brightpearl’s MailStore, you get to see a full record of emails you’ve sent and received outside of Brightpearl alongside order updates in individual contact timelines.

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Set automated reminders to contact customers or prospects

You can choose a status to assign to your contacts and, if someone has been in that status for longer than the time you choose, we’ll give you a little nudge to reach out to them. Perfect for keeping prospects warm, or for ensuring your loyal customers stay close!

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Segment and group your customers with customizable tags

Tags are how you can organize your contacts into groups in Brightpearl. Easily add or remove tags for contacts in batches or one at a time based on their buying behavior or any other characteristic.

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Use Automation to manage your tags

With Brightpearl’s Automation app, you’re able to automate the adding and removing of tags based on any conditions you set, so maintaining up-to-date customer lists is practically done for you!

Benefits of an integrated retail CRM

  • Manage all your customer and supplier contacts

  • Provide informed customer care

  • Personalize offers

  • Build lasting wholesale relationships

Manage all your customer and supplier contacts in one place

With all your customers, prospects and suppliers being managed in Brightpearl, you know that everyone always has the latest and most up-to-date contact details.


Provide informed customer care

Brightpearl keeps an account of all your customers and their orders, which means that at any interaction point, you have all the information you need to deliver a memorable customer experience.


Personalize offers

Brightpearl lets you segment customers and, through our integrations with major email marketing platforms, you can personalize offers that will make your customers feel like you truly know them.


Build lasting wholesale relationships

Access to a full customer audit trail and previous order history means you can work efficiently with your wholesale clients and build lasting relationships with them.


World class integrations

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“Another great feature of Brightpearl is that it allows me to do tasks in a batch. Customers can be tracked, tagged, emailed and updated in no time at all. This has streamlined my sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with current and potential clients as well as with my suppliers.”

Laura Rudoe, Evolve Beauty

A powerful all-in-one retail operations platform for retailers and wholesalers

Gain a real-time 360-degree view of your customers with CRM and marketing that integrate with all your orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and reporting in one single system.

Frequently asked questions

Can Brightpearl support both wholesale and retail customers?

Yes. Through best practice workflows, automated processes and useful integrations, Brightpearl can easily support the needs of both B2B and B2C businesses. To find out more about the key functionality Brightpearl offers to both business types, take a look at our detailed solutions pages for Wholesale and Online Retailers.

Can you create customer-specific pricing?

Yes. You can set up contacts to be associated with as many different price lists as you require. Whether you choose to create wholesale or trade prices, RRP prices, special discounted prices or whichever other pricing strategy fits with your existing business model, you can do this quickly and easily, and associate each contact with the relevant price list.

Is it possible to automatically segment customers based on their purchasing habits?

Yes. With our workflow automation tool and MailChimp’s premium Ecommerce 360 feature, you can easily (and automatically) segment customers based on key information like order history, contact status and last ordered dates. This empowers you to seek out more cross-sell and upsell opportunities within your existing customer base.

How does Brightpearl handle repeat customers?

Brightpearl has a contact “timeline”, which stores each customer’s orders, payment history, emails, call notes and contact information. These timelines are synced with primary email addresses, which means when customers order from you again in the future, everything is logged against their original contact record. And in the event of a customer changing their email address, you can easily merge records to continue to keep everything in one place.

What channels does Brightpearl integrate with?

Brightpearl integrates with all the leading ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces including BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, eBay and Amazon via high performance connectors we’ve built in-house. Brightpearl also has its own integrated iPad-based point of sale with offline mode capabilities. Alongside this, we’ve also built apps to support card payments, email marketing and landed-cost. And we have a thriving ecosystem of partners who have built integrations to connect with popular shipping carriers, as well as 3PL systems, automated EDI solutions and more. Take a look at our Partner Directory for more info.

See the benefits of Brightpearl’s integrated CRM system in action

Ensure there’s a personalized and coordinated approach towards your customers from all departments with Brightpearl’s powerful CRM software. Find out how Brightpearl can also fit into every part of your business with a demo from one of our business experts.