Advanced inventory & order management software for Shopify retailers and wholesalers

Extend your Shopify or Shopify Plus webstore with a high performing integration, so you can focus more on the customer experience and business growth.

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brightpearl mutichannel inventory management

Omnichannel order &
inventory management

Brightpearl co-exists brilliantly with Shopify to provide omnichannel order and inventory management, and accounting. As soon as orders are placed in Shopify, our integration downloads all details to Brightpearl and automatically routes them to the appropriate fulfillment center, whilst updating your inventory levels in real time across all channels. Alongside this, all activities are logged automatically within your CRM and accounts with exact details on inventory costs incurred and revenue recognized.

brightpearl integrates with multiple platforms

Robust integrations
built for volume

Orders placed on your Shopify webstore will be automatically downloaded into Brightpearl via our robust Shopify integration. Our API can easily support the download of up to 25,000 orders per hour, making Brightpearl the perfect partner to your flash sale events and peak trading days. Updates are automatically sent back to Shopify when orders are shipped, including tracking references, ensuring your customers are always kept informed, no matter how busy you are.

Seamlessly integrates with your POS

Seamlessly integrates
with your POS

Brightpearl seamlessly integrates with all Shopify plans, so whether you’re running a store on lite, standard or plus, Brightpearl offers the same features across the board. We can also connect to Shopify POS or you can use Brightpearl’s in-built point of sale solution. Either way, this allows you to unite your store's sales with those of your online channels, whilst providing you with a single, multi-purpose system for processing and analyzing your business performance.

real time financial reporting

Real time
financial reporting

Brightpearl integrates advanced inventory management with real time accounting, allowing you to know every financial detail of your inventory and preventing you from having to make high level assumptions or cause inaccuracies. By using Brightpearl’s accounting data and reports, you’ll have clarity on the breakdown of your revenue and cost for every order, allowing you to make better business decisions faster, and spend more time analyzing your business instead of consolidating data.

brightpearl mutichannel inventory management

Connect to an unlimited number of Shopify stores

With a single Brightpearl account you can connect to as many Shopify stores as you like, with different configurations and branding for each. Easily target new territories, launch new brands, or start selling on new marketplaces, whilst Brightpearl’s centralized order management platform keeps everything in one place for you. Ultimately, this allows you to spend more time on implementing your business growth strategies.

shopify inventory management

“We have found the integration between Shopify and Brightpearl easy to implement and a powerful tool for managing both sales avenues in unison. Brightpearl makes our business miles more efficient. We no longer have to input data on a daily basis and our inventory is always accurate. Being able to connect Brightpearl with Shopify is huge for us, it means we can sell online again, and it’s much easier."

Tom Williams, Director, Esquires

Manage your business with a complete omnichannel solution

Brightpearl's Shopify inventory and order management software allows you to centralize your orders, inventory, purchasing, customer data, POS, accounting and reporting in one single system. Brightpearl gives you valuable time back so you can focus on improving the customer experience and growing your business.

brightpearl inventory management icon

Inventory management

Offer your customers a world class experience and save your team time with advanced inventory management, including real time inventory updates across all sales channels.

icon indicating real time accounting

Real time accounting

Through integrated real time accounting and detailed financial reports, you can get an instant view of your business profitability, allowing you to make better business decisions, faster.

icon indicating brightpearl retail automation

Retail automation

Save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and redirect your staff towards better customer service and business growth strategies with streamlined, automated workflows.

sales order processing icon

Sales order processing

Flexible fulfillment options including partial fulfillment, integrated warehousing and drop-shipping means you can efficiently manage and process orders across your sales channels.

retail crm icon

Retail CRM

Coordinate your team and ensure there’s a customer-first approach across your business with access to a 360-degree view of your customer information at anytime, from anywhere.

data driven decisions icon

Data driven decisions

Brightpearl’s detailed reports showcase your business’s profitability by channel, customer, SKU and brand; allowing you to improve profits and make better business decisions.

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